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Sweets for everyone

View Vegan Products

VeganView Vegan Products

For vegans, sweets are based on coconut milk, we use an egg substitute for baking.

View Keto Products

KetoView Keto Products

For people who limit their carbohydrate intake, we have over 70 keto-sweet items.

View Lactose Free Products

Lactose freeView Lactose Free Products

Most of the sweets do not contain lactose, except for some cheesecakes, we use coconut milk for the cream.

View LOW FODMAP Products

Low fodmapView LOW FODMAP Products

For those who need to watch out for digestive ailments, a substitute for stevia.

Sugar free

Sugar free

All our sugar-free products are used in most erythrole products, for those on a low fodmap stevia diet.

Gluten free

Gluten free

All our products are gluten-free and safe for people suffering from celiac disease.

Customer Reviews

A very nice place, with interesting healthy cakes, after which you don't feel heavy, as after traditional ones full of sugar and fat. I especially wanted to highlight the good service by the saleswoman who worked on 31.03.22 in the hours just before closing. The lady patiently and kindly answered questions and gave very good advice in choosing the cake to order. She was also very kind and smiling. A place like this makes me want to come next time :)

Very good FIT and KETO cakes. Of course, the flavors are different than typical wheat-sugar delicacies, but they are still delicious. There are also gluten-free and vegan options. Everyone will find something for himself. The coffee is also tasty. There is also a small corner for children, it allows for a moment of peace for the parent.

So good and fit, a big plus. I will definitely come back ;-) tried 3 different ones: the best knopers, then tiramisu, and bounty for me too cheesey and heavy. Very friendly service, nice interior. The only thing missing is a garden, but the cakes make up for it. Another visit and takeaway version: Rafaello, raspberry cloud (a revelation) and ... 🤔

Delicious cakes and a large selection, friendly service and a great atmosphere. A big plus for giving the nutritional value and composition of each cake ;) I recommend it